Terms of Service

By using our site, you accept to follow our rules. As our site is recent, the rules may often be updated and you are responsible to check them regularly.

General Rules

Stelo.xyz is hosted in Switzerland, local and international laws apply. You may not use our services for illegal activities and you do not hold us responsible for any harm or loss resulting from your use of Stelo.xyz. User content may express the views and opinions of their respective authors and being displayed does no mean that we support them.

Our site is intended for a wide public of all ages, so make sure to only post content that is suitable for everyone.

Use a language that is friendly and appropriate for everyone, don't slur. Do not start conflicts with others or engage in them. Avoid repetitive content.

Do not post violent or hate content, false information, pornography, copyrighted material, etc. Don't spam. These and other objectionable content may be removed at our discretion.

Measures will be taken if we detect misuse of our services. They include the deletion of accounts without warning or obligation to justify, forfeiting balances, or notifying your ISP or the autorities for particularly serious offenses.


As our site is new, anyone can freely create an account for now. Later, we will switch to an invitation based system.

In exceptional cases, like to contact an adminstrator to recover an account, one may create a temporary account, that must be deleted as soon as possible.

The username must follow the general rules, so it may not contain insulting or offensive words,...

Failure to follow these rules will result in a deletion of your account.

We don't prevent deleted users from creating a new account, but the future invitation system will deter people from inviting misbehaving users as the inviters will also expose themselves to the risk of being terminated, and we will also implement restrictions for recent accounts.

There is no age restriction, but a minor must have the permission of a legal representative, which also takes responsibility for any use of Stelo.xyz by the user.

Accounts that are inactive for three months (no login or visit while logged in) will be deleted. This duration will later be raised to one year.

Security and Recovery

Normal authentication is based on your username and password. After registering at least a Riecoin address, you can choose to enable the 2-factor authentication, which requires a Riecoin Code in addition to the password for logging in.

We don't make any use of email, which is outdated and unreliable, so we have no way to reach you externally, and the usual option of resetting the password is not available. If you were to lose access to your account, you will have to provide a solid proof that you own the account. Signing a message with a registered Riecoin address would be enough, so it is strongly recommended to register at least one address.

You are responsible for the security of your account. While we will never annoy you because of so-called "suspicious activities", if someone manages to steal your credentials, do not expect a successful recovery.