Decades after the Spesmilo's initiative, as Humanity lives yet again in dark times as the Second World War rages, a group of persecuted Esperantists gathered in 1942 and founded the Universala Ligo, whose goal was to concretize the Zamenhof’s aspirations of a peaceful world without barriers. For them, this would not only be achieved with a common language, but also a world currency, and they thus created in 1946 the Stelo, a spiritual successor to the Spesmilo. The initiative gained traction over the years, with even coins being minted by the Royal Dutch Mint in 1960 and 1965.

Unfortunately, the project did not gain further traction and stalled for decades before effectively dying when the Universala Ligo was dissoluted in 1993.

Like de Saussure and the Universala Ligo, supports the idea that Humanity will benefit from a widely used common currency. We believe that Bitcoin can be considered as the spiritual successor to the Spesmilo and Stelo, and also support a currency that has more suitable properties for this purpose: Riecoin.

Steloj Coins
Steloj Coins.


Steloj first existed as Premio-Kuponoj coupons that expired after several years. Their use became common between Esperantists, for example to pay subscriptions or as rewards.

Coupon For 1 Stelo Coupon For 1 Stelo, Back
A Premio-Kupono for 1 Stelo. The Universala Ligo members agreed to define the value of one Stelo as one kg of bread, worth 0.25 NLG at the time. A couple of 0.25 NLG coins are also shown with the coupon.


In 1959, 100 years after the birth of Zamenhof, the Universala Ligo decided to mint and put into circulation 1, 5, 10 Stelo(j) coins, and later in 1965 25 Steloj coins, which mainly exist in Cupronicked and Silver, but ten Gold ones were also made. The exact alloys of the coins are unknown.

Steloj coins can occasionally be found on auction sites at reasonable prices unlike Spesmiloj coins that are very difficult to find. We have the complete collection, including the elusive Gold 25 Steloj!

Pictures Denomination Diameter Thickness, Edge Mass Alloy Mintage
1 Stelo Coin 1 Stelo 20.0 mm 1.4 mm, Plain 3.3 g Bronze 10000
5 Steloj Coin 5 Steloj 23.2 mm 1.6 mm, Milled 5.0 g Brass 10000
10 Steloj Coin 10 Steloj 27.8 mm 1.85 mm, Plain 8.8 g Cupronickel 10000
25 Steloj Coin (Cu-Ni) 25 Steloj 37.8 mm 2.2 mm, Plain 19.3 g Cupronickel 1000
25 Steloj Coin (Ag) 25 Steloj 37.7 mm 2.6 mm, Plain 25.0 g Silver 900 5000
25 Steloj Coin (Au) 25 Steloj 37.7 mm 2.8 mm, Plain with Number between 1 et 10. 49.8 g Gold 983 10
25 Steloj Coin 25 Steloj Coin 25 Steloj Coin
Edge and Original Box of the Gold 25 Steloj Coin. Inside the Box is written "'s RIJKS MUNT UTRECHT". We got it from an auction of the Monato Magazine.