Intel Pentium Pro

The Intel Pentium Pro was released in 1995 while the original Pentium line was still active, and introduced the P6 architecture. Later and even current x86 processors are based on the P6 architecture, with significant changes integrated over the years. Pentium Pros were first made with a 500 nm process and incorporated 5.5 millions transistors.

They were available as 150, 167, 180 and 200 MHz parts, and 133 MHz prototypes exist, while 200 MHz models can often be overclocked to 233. This processor uses the Socket 8.

The Pentium Pro targeted the Server Market and was thus very expensive as are usually the Xeon Processors nowadays.

Intel KB80521EX150 Intel KB80521EX200 Intel GJ80521EX200
  • A 150 MHz Pentium Pro, Early without "Pentium Pro" Text (SY002). Back. Malaysia, 1995 Week 36.
  • A 200 MHz Pentium Pro (SL22T). Back. Malaysia, 1998 Week 11.
  • A 200 MHz Black Pentium Pro, with 1 MiB L2 Cache (SL25A). Back. Philippines, 1998 Week 13.
Intel Pentium Pro Keychain Intel Pentium Pro Keychain

A Keychain with a Pentium Pro Processor and Cache Dice.

The Pentium Pro is suceeded by the Pentium II in 1997.

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