Intel Pentium II

The Intel Pentium II is the successor to the Pentium and Pentium Pro. It was released in 1997 and essentially adds the MMX instruction set to the Pentium Pro's P6 as well as a few other improvements.

They were firstly available as 233 and 267 MHz parts, then parts up to 450 MHz were released. The Pentium IIs were packaged in the form of cartridges, which were normally inserted in the Slot 1. The era also marked the appearance of the low cost Celerons and the server oriented Xeons, the latter being inserted in the Slot 2 for this generation. Pentium II based Celerons were later proposed as usual socketed processors on Socket 370.

On Desktop, there were two notable variants. The Pentium II was first released with the Klamath Core (80522), manufactured with a 350 nm process. Then, Deschutes Pentium IIs (80523) were released in early 1998 and made with a 250 nm process.

A Socket 8 Pentium II OverDrive was also produced to upgrade Pentium Pros in the same fashion as the Socket 2/3 Pentium OverDrive allowed to upgrade a 486.

Intel 80522P233512 Intel PIIM300512SL2RS Intel PODP66X333
  • A Klamath 233 MHz Pentium II. Back, Top. Malaysia, 1997 Week 1.
  • A 300 MHz Mobile Pentium II (SL2RS). Back. Malaysia, 1999 Week 25.
  • A 333 MHz Pentium II OverDrive (SL2KE). Back.
Intel Pentium II Keychain Intel Pentium II Keychain

A Keychain with a Pentium II Die.

The Pentium II is suceeded by the Pentium III in 1999.

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