Intel 8085

Intel's last 8-bit processor, software compatible with the historical and predecessor Intel 8080, but simpler to implement by requiring only a +5 V supply (hence its name 8085) rather than -5, +5 and +12V for the 8080, making machines simpler and cheaper to design in a continuation of the microcomputer democratization. The Intel 8085 was released in 1976, designed to run at clocks up to 6 MHz, and contains 6500 transistors.

The chips were incorporated in 40-pin DIP packages and manufactured with a 3 ┬Ám process. The packages can be found as purple (C8085) and grey (D8085) ceramic versions as well as plastic (P8085) ones.

Intel C8085 Intel C8085AH Intel D8085A Intel P8085
  • A Purple Ceramic C8085 with Black Lid. Bottom: Malaysia, 1977 Week 44.
  • A Purple Ceramic C8085AH with Golden Lid. Bottom. Malaysia, 1984 Week 46.
  • A Grey Ceramic D8085A. Bottom: Malaysia, 1979 Week 2.
  • A Plastic P8085. Bottom: Malaysia, 1977 Week 46.

It was succeeded by the Intel 8086, released in 1978.