Intel 80286

The Intel 80286 is a successor to the 8086 and was released in 1982 at the same time as the 80186, though so far we have never seen any specimen, even prototype, with an actual 1982 Date Code. It is also a 16-bit processor, that brought notable improvements and new features over the 8086, and improved the performance a lot.

The 80286 notably existed in 68-pin purple ceramic CLCC (C80286), plastic PLCC (N80286) and purple ceramic PGA (CG80286 then A80286) packages, and was manufactured with a 1.5 ┬Ám process, incorporating 134000 transistors.

Intel C80286-6 Intel CG80286-6 Intel N80286-10
  • Two CLCC C80286-6 S40093 (6 MHz). Malaysia, 1984 Week 31.
  • A PGA CG80286-6 (6 MHz). Bottom. Malaysia, 1983 Week 49.
  • A PLCC N80286-10. Bottom. 1989 Week 47.
Intel 80286 Wafer Intel 80286 Wafer Intel 80286 Wafer Intel 80286 Puzzle
  • An Unfinished 6" Silicon Wafer of Intel 80286 Chips. Back, 80286 Inscription.
  • A Jigsaw Puzzle illustrating the 80286 Die.

It was succeeded by the Intel 80386, released in 1985.

Intel 80287 Coprocessor

The Intel 80287 coprocessor could be paired with a 80286 in order to accelerate applications doing intensive floating point calculations.

Intel C80287-3 Intel D80287-8
  • A Purple Ceramic C80287-3. Bottom. Malaysia, 1985 Week 9.
  • A Grey Ceramic D80287-8. Bottom. Malaysia, 1986 Week 46.