Intel 4004

Intel's first microprocessor, originally developed since 1969 for a Busicom electronic calculator, and released in 1971. It is a 4-bit processor designed to run at 740 kHz, and contains 2300 transistors. In comparison, the current processors have billions of transistors and can work around 5 GHz (which has actually not much improved since years)!

The chips were incorporated in 16-pin DIP packages and manufactured with a 10 ┬Ám process (nowadays, we are at 7 nm and below). The packages can be found as two white ceramic versions (C4004), another ceramic variant in grey (D4004), and a plastic one (P4004). The C4004 exists with or without what is called "grey traces", the former would be rarer and more valuable.

Intel C4004 Grey Traces Board with Intel 4004 Intel 4004 Die
  • A White Ceramic Grey Traces C4004. View Bottom: Malaysia, No Date Code.
  • A board using a 4004. Top and Bottom Views.
  • A 4004 Die. Under a microscope, one can see "4004", "Intel 71", and the signature "F. F." of the chip designer Federico Faggin.
Intel C4004 No Traces Intel D4004 Intel P4004

It was improved in the Intel 4040 released in 1974. The 8008 was developed around the same time as the 4004 and released in 1972.

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