API Guide

A basic API is available and provides general information about the Pool and use the PoWc.

This page allows you to play with the API.

API Link: https://stelo.xyz/Mining/Api
Use supported methods via POST and get a JSON reply.

Results are given in a "result" field (null if something went wrong) and errors in an "error" field (null if there were no issue).


Also the default method if nothing was sent via POST: useful for services tracking Riecoin Pools, get general pool info like the Mining Power, how many blocks that have been found,...

method getPoolInfo


Get PoW information of a user that gave a valid token: username, PoWc remaining, registered addresses, hash of blocks found during the last 7 days.

method getPoWInfo
token Try with one of your tokens

consumePoWc(token, amount, comment)

Consume PoWc of a user that gave a valid token.

method consumePoWc
token Try with one of your tokens
amount How much PoWc to consume
comment Can be seen in the PoWc movements
Note that this will really consume your PoWc!