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Mine responsibly with the Riecoin's useful PoW and our ecological servers, provided by Infomaniak. They guarantee a 99.99% uptime and compensate their CO2 emission by 200%. Our mining pool code is based on StellaPool.

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What is Riecoin and why mine RIC?

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Riecoin network: 1803981 blocks | Difficulty 843.098 | 40 peers

Over the last 60 minutes, 4 miners submitted 8555 valid shares and 6 invalid shares with a rate of 2.376 shares/s.

From this rate, we estimate that our miners check 218150 candidates/s and have a Mining Power of 3.998.

The estimated global Mining Power is 26.125, which means that we have about 15.304% of the network strength.

This also means that we should find a block about every 16 min 20 s in average.

To learn more about how to calculate these values, read this article.
We are the only Riecoin mining pool that show accurate mining power statistics, MH/s or GH/s reported by other pools are nonsensical metrics. We invite miners and other pool operators to study the article and make a proper use of the mining power concepts.

Current Round

We are currently solving our 8350th block, since 7 min 7 s.

Block 1803982 has a difficulty of 843.625, so we must find a prime septuplet with numbers around 2843.625.
To learn all the conditions that make a block valid, read this article.

If we find it now, we will be rewarded with 12.50014456 RIC, which will be distributed to miners!

And if we even find a 9-tuplet or longer, the finder can claim a Bounty from the Riecoin project!
For this, a account is required and you must associate the block to your Constellation Explorer's username in its Round page.

The latest one we solved was Block 1803981, at 2022-10-06 13:14:23.
Rewards are distributed after 6 confirmations.

1 point is given for 5-shares, 8 for 6-shares, and 64 for blocks. Rewards are distributed proportionally to the points earned.

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