Currently, we provide a Riecoin mining pool. We are also working on other projects and services, which may or may not eventually see the light of day (and explain why the Terms of Service seems to cover things unrelated to mining), so for now, let's simply say that we are just a Riecoin mining pool.

Despite supporting the Bitcoin and Riecoin cryptocurrencies, we don't have any interest in the so-called Web3 or racing for the latest cutting edge thing, and prefer to stick to fundamentals.

Where do the name Stelo.xyz and the logo come?

"Stelo" means star in Esperanto, a constructed language made by Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof in 1887 with the hope to shatter communication barriers. Esperanto was designed to be simple to learn, and we believe that it can make the world better. The star is also a symbol of Esperanto.

The Esperantists also once designed a currency, the Stelo, that was intended to become the world's currency. In that sense, it can be seen as an ancestor of Bitcoin and also inspires the Riecoin Project.

Our logo simply represents the name Stelo.xyz using the meaning of "Stelo" and the colors of Earth.

The Stelo.xyz Mascot


Marina is the (Moe) mascot and personification of Stelo.xyz. Her birthday is on March 2, the day Stelo.xyz was launched on the Riecoin Forum. She is a protagonist of Mona's Museum, a work that is not yet published in a finalized form, and has an entry on the Moeverse Wiki.

How to contact us?

We will eventually add an internal messaging system. But for now, you can reach us in our topic on the Riecoin Forum, or join the Riecoin Discord.

You can also follow us on Twitter.